Vasily Vereshchagin

Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin(Rusia 1842-1904).

After good luck.1868.

Shir Dor madrasah in Registan Square in Samarkand.1869-70. 

Cannibal.1870-80 .

The Apotheosis of War.1871.

At the Fortress Walls Letthemin (defensa de Samarkanda).1871.

Atacado por sorpresa.1871.  


After the attack. Dressing station near Plevna.1877.

Before the attack. At Plevna.1877.


Mounted Warrior in Jaipur.1881.

Jerusalem Kings Tombs.1884-1885.

Captured with arms .Shoot them!.1887-1895.

In the Kremlin - a fire!.1887-98. 

Napoleon Army during retreat from Russia.1896-97.

In Defeated Moscow Arsonists or Shooting in the Kremlin1897-1898.

The end of Borodino battle.1899-1900.

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